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My Guitar Hero Gently Screams in Ogemaw County - Featuring Joe, Pat, and Cody of the band Ogemaw County

Host JP is joined by Joe, Pat, and Cody of Ogemaw County. Ogamaw County is a local Detroit area band that likes to rock out and scream! Listen and laugh as they discuss the story behind the name, how a video game inspired a generation of musicians, and what it's like performing live in today's social media driven world.


Ogemaw County Contact Info:

Facebook: @ogemawcounty

Instagram: @ogemawcounty



Wired and Blown - Featuring Jeric Glass and Ari Wear Jewelry

Host JP is joined by Justin and Nadezhda, the artists know as Jeric Ari Studios. Justin specializes in blown glass pipes and sculptures and Nadezhda creates amazingly intricate wire jewelry. Listen and laugh as they discuss getting into their respective art forms, the perils of blowing glass, and the effect of electronic smoking devices and marijuana legalization on their businesses.


Jeric Ari Studios Contact:

Instagram: @jeric_glass and @ariwear_jewelry

Facebook: @jericglass and @ariwear0jewelry




Wash Me Outside, How Bout Dat? - Featuring Regis Ray

Host JP is joined by Regis Ray, owner and operator of Ray's Mobile Wash. Regis will bring his love of detailing to your driveway with his fully mobile detailing service. Listen and laugh as they discuss the origins of Regis's love for cleaning cars, funny stories from some of his customers, and the bear in the fridge!

Regis Ray Contact:

Phone: 248-497-0132

Facebook: @raysmobilewash

Instagram: @raysmobilewash


Enter the Network - Featuring Ilya Elkin of InNetwork

Host JP is joined by Ilya Elkin, President of InNetwork. InNetwork is a telecom company specializing in VOIP business solutions that also offers residential services. Listen and laugh as Ilya and JP talk about Ilya's journey from working in sales to starting his own telecom company, and the struggles and triumphs that come along with taking that risk. 

Ilya Elkin Contact:

Phone: 248-704-3006






Livin’ That Teeq Life - Featuring Don Ferguson and Teeq Tequila

Host JP is joined by Don Ferguson, co-founder of Teeq Tequila. Listen and laugh as they discuss the origins of Teeq Tequila, Corporate America, Wantreprenuers, and what it takes to go from a dreamer to a doer. 

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Don Ferguson Contact:

Facebook: and @teeqtequila

Teeq Tequila:

Teeq Life:

Instagram: @teeqtequila



Indie Houser and The Studio of a Lifetime - Featuring Ted Houser

Host JP is joined by Ted Houser, an independent filmmaker, screenwriter, and the coordinator for this years Cinetopia Film Festival. Listen and laugh as they discuss Ted's experiences in the film industry, 9-5 Jobs vs. Being Freelance, expanding your taste in films, film festivals, and more!


Ted Houser Contact:


Writing Workshops Detroit:

Cinetopia Film Festival (May 10-19):



Global Citizen Soup! - Ernestine Lyons

Host JP is joined by Ernestine Lyons, founder of Linglobal. Listen and laugh as they discuss topics such as leaving your job in the corporate world to chase your passions, Revitalizing Detroit, attracting entrepreneurs to her hometown, and helping our youth become Global Citizens.


Ernestine Lyons Contact:


Instagram: erniely

Linglobal on Facebook: @lingua86

Harper Woods Soup:



Beastmode - Terry “Beastmode” Arscott

Host JP is joined by professional Drone Racer Terry "Beastmode" Arscott. Listen and Laugh as they discuss technical difficulties while recording this episode, racing as a Pro, the quick evolution of the sport, the ever advancing technology, and how kids are taking over!


Terry "Beastmode" Contact:

Facebook: @terryarscott

Instagram: terryarscott


Detroit Multirotor Company:

Facebook: @DetroitMultirotor

Instagram: detmultirotor



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Movies, Movies, Movies! - Delano and Trale

Host JP is joined by avid movies consumer Delano Bridges and comedian/screenwriter Trale Wright. Listen and laugh as they discuss bad movies, movies that let you down, the Oscars, the last movie that made you cry, and Horror movies.  


Delano Contact Information:

Delano is an avid movie lover, true Hip Hop Head, and an entrepreneur that also helps others get their passion projects up and running.


Trale Wright Contact Information:

Trale is a performing comedian and active screenwriter. He also runs Play Too Much Productions, which focuses on putting together comedy shows around the Detroit Area.

Facebook: @Trale Wright

Instagram: @idris_traleba and @playtoomuch_productions


2 Seconds Before I Get Up - Joyce

Host JP is joined by Joyce, the host of the Two Seconds Before I Snap Podcast. Listen and laugh as they discuss their experiences starting their own Podcasts. Some of the topics this episode covers includes booking guests, picking a name, choosing what to talk about, and using social media (even when you don't like too!).

Joyce's Contact Info:

Joyce is the host of Two Seconds Before I Snap podcast and author of the Gotta Love Joyce blog. She writes and talks about life, children, relationships, travel, and experiencing the most Life has to offer. You can listen to her Podcast at the website below, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and anywhere else you can listen to podcasts!

Blog and Podcast:


Facebook: @GottaLoveJoyce

Instagram: 2b41snap

Twitter: @GottaloveJoyce