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More Than Just a Job - Featuring Amira and Warren Woodruff

Host JP is joined by Warren and Amira Woodruff, a married couple that have both their own Dental practice and host the "What are you more than?" podcast. Listen and laugh as we discuss being married business partners, what it's like owning their own practice, and not being defined by your job.

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Caring Smiles Family Dentistry:


The Air Up There - Featuring Mike Cottor from Fly Mi PPG

Host JP is joined by Mike Cotter, co-founder and Instructor at Fly Mi PPG, Michigan's premier Powered Paragliding school. Listen and laugh as they discuss how they both discovered the sport, how breaking his back led to being an instructor, and the exhilaration of flying with a "butt fan"!


Mike Cotter Contact info:
Phone: (248) 520-8889

Ink is More Than Skin Deep - Featuring Adam Seymour

Host JP is joined by tattoo artist Adam Seymour. Listen and laugh as they discuss how to get into the profession, odd client requests, weird experiences, and the future of the industry.

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Instagram: @adamseymourart


Or visit him at Eternal Tattoo in Clawson, MI

Shots of Blanco - Featuring Don Ferguson of Teeq Tequila

Host JP is joined by Don Ferguson of Teeq Tequila. Listen and laugh as they discuss Teeq being in business for its first year, the lessons learned over that time, and the what the future holds for this Michigan based Tequila company.


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Facebook: and @teeqtequila

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Teeq Life:

Instagram: @teeqtequila


Flexible and Free - Featuring Rustayoga

Host JP is joined by Rusty "Rustayoga" LeBlanc. Listen and laugh as they discuss how traveling kick started Rusty's drastic transformation, his passion for Yoga, and playing in a family Band.


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Instagram: @rustayoga




Laughing for a Cause - Featuring JD Marshall

Host JP is joined by JD Marshall, CEO of A Mission of Love childhood cancer charity. Listen as they discuss his daughter Stephaine and the origin of the charity, pioneering the Comedy for Cancer events, and the positive experiences the charity has helped provide children with cancer.


JD Marshall Contact:

Instagram: @comedy4cancer

For More information visit:

Laugh Out Loud! - Featuring Cam Honeyager and Jon Batch

Host JP is joined by comedians Cam Honeyager and Jon Batch. Listen and laugh as they discuss getting into stand up comedy, balancing work and life with performing, what it's like to bomb, and being a comic in today's sensitive climate.

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Cam's Contact:

Instagram: @camhoneyager



Jon's Contact:

Instagram: @thejonbatch



Are You Game? - Featuring Chris and Shanna

Host JP is joined by Chris "Prodigy" Thomas and his girlfriend Shanna. Chris is an avid gamer and competes in Mortal Kombat tournaments. Listen and laugh as they discuss current trends in gaming, what it's like to practice for tournaments, the future of gaming, and a woman's perspective on dating a gamer.


The Art & The Artist - Featuring Delano Bridges and Justin Davenport

Host JP is joined by Delano Bridges and Justin Davenport. Listen and laugh as they discuss the how people individually and as a society react to separating Art from the Artists when allegations come out against them. They go off on some other tangents too, like cancelled culture, style, and a bit of politics.

Delano Contact Information:

Delano is an avid movie lover, true Hip Hop Head, and an entrepreneur that also helps others get their passion projects up and running. He recently launched Building The Bridges, focused on Network Idea Consulting & Event Planning.


Instagram: @buildingthebridges4u


Justin Contact Information:

Justin is an enigmatic figure that cares deeply about mental health issues. You don't contact him, he contacts you.


All Twizzed Up - Featuring Ken “Twizz” McCormick

Host JP is joined by Graffiti Writer Ken "Twizz" McCormick. Listen and Laugh as they discuss Ken's love of Graffiti Writing, turning a passion into a career, and overcoming the physical limitations of a recent injury to still do what he loves.

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